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Home > Catalog > Inkjet > Inkjet Cartridges > HP Inkjet Cartridges > Continuous HP Inkjet Cartridges > Continuous Ink Cartridge (CIC) Set for HP 940XL (4 Pack) - with Auto reset Chips and With Ink - 27 Refills Included

Continuous Ink Cartridge (CIC) Set for HP 940XL (4 Pack) - with Auto reset Chips and With Ink - 27 Refills Included

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This bundle pack includes 4 EXTRA LARGE Continuous Ink Cartridges (CIC) for the HP 940XL (1 each HP 940XL Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) which come with auto-reset chips. Also included are compatible Refill inks, equivalent to about 27 XL cartridges worth of ink. 100ml of pigment ink per color (each Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) is included.

NOTE: These EXTRA LARGE CIC cartridges hold significantly more ink than the original HP 940XL cartridges. The original HP 940XL hold 49ml of black, and 16ml each of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Our CIC cartridges have significantly larger ink chambers that can hold up to 260ml black or 130ml each CYM. Given ink which is included with this purchase, you are getting the equivalent page yield that you would get from about 27 original HP 940XL cartridges. Easy Refill Syringe pack included. The CIC cartridges included have easy refill ports (with plastic plugs that have easy pull/push handles), so they are easy to refill and no hole making tools are needed! Everything you need to refill them is included with purchase.

This is the perfect solution for higher volume printing needs, and a much better option than traditional Continuous Ink Systems which can get caught in the printer due to complicated tubing. Our CIC (Continuous Ink Cartridge) solution is hassle free, no tubes included or needed, and easy to use. Just refill through the easy refill port using the syringe included, and insert the cartridge into the printer. The auto-resetting chips will signal a "full" message to the printer, allowing you to print right away. When they run low, simply remove the cartridges, refill again, and insert, the auto-reset will be performed automatically and you can get back to printing.

Note: Cartridges do wear out over time, but typically you should be able to get around 10 uses out of the cartridges, and you can always replace a cartridge if it wears out prematurely with a new CIC cartridge. Again, this is better than a Continuous Ink System where you would need to replace the entire system, with the modular CIC System we offer, you only replace 1 cartridge at a time and if needed.

Furthermore, as an added bonus, the printer ink in this CIC refill kit is UV resistant and matches the OEM quality in both quality and page yield. Compared to the page yield of OEM cartridges, these CIC cartridges will cost you the equivalent of under $2 per cartridge!

Continuous Ink Cartridge (CIC) Set for HP 940XL (4 Pack) - with Auto reset Chips and With Ink - 27 Refills Included
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I just wanted to thank you! I had purchased my refill kit a couple years ago when I had a Lexmark printer. I now have an HP printer, and the cartridge I have did not look like the one on the CD I had. How nice it was to come to this site and be able to find directions for my new print cartridge. Thanks!

Continuous Ink System with Printer Bundle

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