Brother LC61 / LC65 continuous ink system PLUS INK

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Brother LC61 / LC65 continuous ink system (includes ink, special design cartridges that hold 70ml C,Y,M and 110ml Black)
That's the equivalent of about 20 cartridges worth of ink!

Warning: This continuous ink system is designed for the specified printers. Do not try using this system on any other printers.
This CISS consists of a high-capacity ink reservoir (same as using between 4-6 ink cartridges per color) that is modified into an extended cartridge. The included CIS cartridges have a permanent smart chip already installed, which will automatically reset itself when your printer power is turned off (for 5 seconds) and turned back on. No mess! The specialized cartridges come pre-filled with 4-6 cartridges worth of ink PER COLOR CHAMBER. If you run out of ink, just refill the cartridges through the modified refill port (just pour ink in)!


  • Refills: 40 to 45
  • Formula: UV Resistant
Item #: 110-309-01