Universal Ink and Toner, with manufacturing facilities in California, is proud to offer the most recognized brand in DIY refilling - the original Universal™ Inkjet Refill Systems and Universal™ Toner Refill Systems.


Legal notice about the Universal Brands:
The use of the brands Universal, ColorFast and/or PhotoFast with regard to any inkjet refill or laser refill product infringes on Universal Ink and Toner's trademarks, regardless of whether the words are used on the product, the product packaging or anywhere. It may not be used as a name or in the context of purportedly being a descriptor.

Universal Ink and Toner has no objection to you selling inkjet refill kits, if that is your business. Just do not use our trademarks and well established brands Universal ™ , Colorfast ™ or Photofast ™ in any way whatsoever for such sales unless you are selling genuine Universal Ink and Toner product. Some people think they can make a fast buck by stealing our name and our reputation. They set up websites and products using the brands Universal / Colorfast / Photofast which confuse consumers into associating their product with our Original Universal branded products. Original Universal Inkjet and Universal Toner Refill Products


The Universal / Colorfast / Photofast Trademarks have been Proven:
The prohibition against the use of the brand Universal for refill products except for by licensees of Universal Ink and Toner ("UIT") has been established. Detailed research and analysis have revealed that secondary meaning has attached to the term "Universal" when used for inkjet or toner refill products. Customers recognize that Universal ™ refers to printer refill systems and ink/toner products from a single source, that is, the product manufactured by "UIT". These significant findings will be submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in support of UIT's pending national trademark registrations for Universal ™. UIT already has numerous trademarks, patents and copyrights (for the Universal / Colorfast / Photofast brands) in effect with the State of California and the United States Copyright Office.

If you see a company that you think is trying to piggyback off our brands in any way, then please help us to protect both the consumer and our brand. Please email any information to legal@universalinkandtoner.com and indicate if you have ever been under the impression that the product you bought or had seen was a genuine Universal Inkjet / Universal Toner product. Evidence of confusion helps our case.

Some of the product categories of UIT include:

  • Universal Inkjet Refill Kits ™
  • Universal Toner Refill Kits ™
  • Colorfast Ink ™
  • Colorfast Inkjet Cartridges ™
  • Universal Continuous Ink Systems ™
  • Colorfast Bulk Ink ™
  • Universal Toner Cartridges ™
  • Photofast Ink ™

Internet Domains (URL's):

The domain addresses (among others) that resolve to our main website at www.universalinkandtoner.com include a variety of domains that have been used to promote and strengthen the integrity of our brands and include the following:

Universal Ink and Toner is now the largest producer of inkjet and laser printer refill kits in the United States. As the category leader, the Universal products have been seen on national television and have developed a following of millions of loyal consumers and businesses that literally save millions of dollars annually by using Universal's products. Universal Ink and Toner is proud to continue Universal's innovation by providing the highest quality products at affordable prices with unmatched customer service.

We are committed to earning your repeat business and referrals.

Why Universal Ink and Toner?

Quality - All of our superior inkjet and toner refill kits and compatible cartridges are made with calibrated inks and an advanced filtering system to ensure quality equal to or better than the original equipment manufacturer. Our ink exceeds all industry standards for particulates and is photograde, archival (acid-free), and colorfast. The colors are vibrant, not dull, with a defective rate of well under 1%: performance second to none.

Instructions and Technical Support - The instructions included in the Universal Refill Kits are clear and concise, with photos of each cartridge, which show the step-by-step process of refilling that cartridge. We also have unlimited technical support. Our friendly and highly-trained technical support reps offer logical, easy to understand approaches to solving inkjet or toner refilling questions.

Customer Service - Universal Ink and Toner is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. To prove this, we are the only company to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We also have knowledgeable customer service agents answering the phone. We want to make your Internet experience the best.

Shipping - We offer a low flat rate shipping charge and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $60 with a 2-5 day average delivery.

Privacy - Universal Ink and Toner is committed to our customer's privacy. All information provided through ordering is never released or sold or used by any third parties.

On-line Ordering - Universal Ink and Toner has one of the fastest and easiest on-line ordering system for selecting your product fast and efficiently. You may check out quickly by entering in your payment information for instant credit card verification using our Secure site (meaning your credit card information is safe from would be thieves.) In less than 5 minutes and in the comfort of your home you can have your supplies on their way with no hassle or confusion.

Customer Service, Technical Support, Quality, and Value is our Promise!